Stormwater Management / Naturalization

Stormwater Management / Naturalization 2017-10-24T15:29:20-04:00

Preserving the Natural Balance in Developing Areas

At Terrain Landscaping we offer complete landscape solutions for storm water management facilities, including ponds, wetlands, channels and buffers, which are often designed to be naturalized and used as habitat by birds, fish and animals.

Our experienced team of professionals works closely with the developer, landscape architect, engineer, consultants, local Conservation Authority and Ministry to ensure complete satisfaction of all work. Our typical projects include; grading, large scale naturalization planting and seeding. We also offer hardscapes services, such as maintenance access roads, pathways, signage, fencing and benches, while also supplying and installing erosion and sediment control as required for each project. We accurately set and check grades and elevations per the grading plans using our GPS system and lasers.

The Terrain Landscapes and Terrain Excavation teams work together on many projects requiring clean-out, dredging of sediments, channel diversions, bank restoration and stabilization. Call our Terrain Group office today at 905-689-4946


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