Grading & Sodding

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Servicing builders and developers for over 60 years

For over 60 years Terrain Landscapes has specialized in grading and sodding for builders and developers across Southern Ontario.

Previously operating as Mike’s Landscaping from 1957 to present, we have since rebranded to Terrain Group but still offer the same quality and experience you have come to know and trust throughout the years. Our services comprise of site preparation at sub grade and rough grading, including loading, hauling and spreading the top soil. As experts in fine grading, before installing sod, we set the grades and swales using lasers to ensure positive drainage away from buildings. Prior to installing the sod, we will complete any planting, entrances, walkways, patio stones and window wells. We install No.1 quality grown Kentucky Blue Grass and provide in-house watering service for a complete, professional look.

We have a wealth of experience and are a one-stop shop for all your grading and sodding needs. Call our office today at 905-689-4946 to start your grading and sodding project.


“To build on a tradition of providing premium service with the commitment to shaping long-term relationships based on trust, performance, value and satisfaction. In everything we do, we are committed to meeting the changing needs of our clients with quality services by honest and qualified people.”